Minor characters in Romeo and Juliet

Lord and Lady Montague

Lord and Lady Montague are Romeo's parents. They do not feature heavily in the play, however, we understand that Lord Montague initiates the conflict and fuels the arguments between the two families. They both care for their son deeply and do not want him to get banished; they try to persuade the Prince to drop the charge. At the end of the play, Lord Montague repents his sins, asks for forgiveness and vows never to argue with the Capulet family again.

Personality attributes:

  • powerful
  • argumentative
  • stubborn
  • persuasive
  • caring


Benvolio is Romeo's cousin and he loves Romeo very much. When Mercutio and Tybalt are fighting, it is Benvolio who tries to stop the conflict. When Romeo decides to avenge his best friend's death, Benvolio tries to stop him but fails. When he sees that Romeo has killed Tybalt, he tells Romeo to flee.

Personality attributes:

  • loving
  • loyal
  • caring
  • honest


Paris wishes to marry Juliet and appears to like her. He persuades Lord Capulet to give his daughter's hand in marriage. At Juliet's death, Paris is mournful and fights Romeo; a man he thinks has come to upset Juliet's peace.

Personality attributes:

  • persuasive
  • honourable

Prince Escalus

Prince Escalus is a kinsman of Mercutio and Paris. He is the seat of political power in Verona. He is angered by the feuding families but lacks the personal strength to reconcile the differences.

Personality attributes:

  • formal
  • pompous
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