Keywords to discuss the future

If you want to talk or write about the future, you need to know some keywords:

  • heno – tonight
  • yfory – tomorrow
  • nos yfory – tomorrow night
  • dros y penwythnos – over the weekend
  • yn y dyfodol – in the future

Notice the word nesaf in the following expressions:

  • dydd Gwener nesafnext Friday
  • nos Wener nesafnext Friday night
  • penwythnos nesafnext weekend
  • wythnos nesafnext week
  • y flwyddyn nesafnext year

You also need to be able to say what you will be doing in the future:

  • Bydda i… – I will…/I will be…
  • Byddwn ni’n… – We will…/We will be…

  • Bydda i’n mynd allan gyda ffrindiau nos yfory. – I’ll be going out with friends tomorrow night.
  • Byddwn ni’n mynd i’r sinema. – We’ll go to the cinema.