Blood Brothers - Characters overview

The main characters in Blood Brothers are the twins Mickey Johnstone and Edward Lyons, and their mothers Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons. Mickey and Edward’s friend Linda, who becomes Mickey’s wife, is also an important character.

The Narrator is on stage throughout the play and communicates with the audience rather than being involved in the events.

Mickey’s brother Sammy and Edward’s father Mr Lyons feature less in the play, but both have an impact on the plot.

Diagram of characters from 'Blood Brothers'. Working class: Mrs Johnstone, Mickey, Linda. Middle class: Mrs Lyons, Edward.

Main characters

  • Mickey Johnstone
  • Edward Lyons
  • Mrs Johnstone
  • Mrs Lyons

Secondary characters

  • Linda
  • Narrator

Minor characters

  • Sammy
  • Mr Lyons

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