Bitesize: This Term's Topics

On Monday 8 March, millions of children went back to school in England, followed by hundreds of thousands of children in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland a week later.

But it’ll be a while until everything’s back to normal, so Bitesize will keep delivering a special service for pupils teachers and parents until the summer. This Term’s Topics will run alongside the great content we always offer and it’ll be a chance to help children catch up and keep learning until, fingers crossed, things are fully back on track in September.

This Term’s Topics offers simple to use content in the core subjects that reflect the subjects that schools are teaching for the rest of this term and the summer term. Some of it comes in the shape of structured lessons, like Maths and English for Primary children, and some is shorter collections of video, text, graphic and quiz content that helps Primary and Key Stage 3 children understand and learn key concepts. It can be used in the classroom, be set as homework... or work as extra learning for parents to deliver at home.

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This Term's Topics

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