An animation accompanies the full version of the 'Snow Wolf' song.

This clip is from:
Music Makers, In the Snow
First broadcast:
20 March 1998

This clip could be used to help the pupils explore the winter soundscape created in the song 'Snow Wolf'. What instruments do they think they can hear? Perhaps show images of instruments on the board and invite the children to pick the ones which are used in this song. You could use this clip to investigate the structure of a song. Invite the children to identify the chorus and the verses. Can they find the leitmotif? You could then play 'Peter and the Wolf' to the children to help them to explore the term leitmotif in more depth. Invite them to find the leitmotif for each character introduced and comment on the quality of it. Which instruments are used to capture the nature of the character such as the wolf, the duck or the bird?