A demonstration of what happens when light travels through water or glass. Light travels and bounces off surfaces into our eyes. When light travels from air through water, glass or anything that lets light through, it bends. This bending is called refraction.

This clip is from:
Primary Focus Science
First broadcast:
22 April 2008

Students could be given various lenses and use them to observe some objects which they see around them. Ask students to draw examples of what they see and annotate their drawings with the kind of lens they used. How do convex and concave lenses affect an image? Students could also shine a light through these lenses onto a piece of white paper to observe how convex and concave lenses bend light.

Challenge students to create a maze inside of a shoe box, and to reflect a beam of light, using mirrors, around the maze. Finally, students could go on to investigate the real world applications of lenses such as in magnifying glasses, reading glasses and so on.