An exploration of one of the great mysteries of our time - why did the first of the Three Little Pigs choose to build a house from straw? The first little pig apparently carried out a fair test by building a wall of bricks, another of wood and a third of straw. He decided the wall built from straw was the best. What led the pig to decide this? How did the first little pig get it so wrong? Having seen the evidence the pupils are left to make their own decisions and draw conclusions from the evidence provided.

First broadcast:
4 March 2008

This clip highlights the importance of choosing a suitable method to find something out. Pupils could suggest other material properties essential for building a house. They could then go on to construct and carry out experiments to test these properties. Pupils may choose to test how waterproof, durable, transparent and insulating different materials are. Children can then reflect upon their chosen methods of measuring different properties.