The bread-making process is seen from start to finish at a small specialist bakery. The first stage is to mix the ingredients - water, flour, yeast and salt - to make the dough. The dough is then kneaded into different shapes and sizes to make round or stick loaves. Extra ingredients are added to the dough, such as seeds, olives, nuts or herbs, to add flavour to the basic bread. The unbaked bread dough is left in a 'prover' to allow it to rise, before being baked in a hot oven ready to be sent to the local market.

First broadcast:
16 March 2010

Before making bread in class, children could watch this clip to clarify the steps and ingredients. Whilst baking bread in class, teachers could organise the session using the same headings to clarify each stage of the bread baking process (mixing the ingredients, shaping the dough etc). As the lesson reaches each stage, the title could be displayed and the children asked to clarify what they will need to do during this step. If needed, the clip could be replayed as a clear reminder of the step.