Six volunteers learn the skills needed to work as a team on a search and rescue challenge. The children explain the skills they could bring to team-working. After the challenge is explained, the children plan the jobs they might do. They recognise that a leader is necessary if the team is to work successfully, and identify the skills a leader needs.

First broadcast:
19 November 2007

This is useful to illustrate what 'working together' means and to help children develop both team and leadership skills. Pupils could work in groups to plan an event. They could pretend there is an exchange student joining their class and decide to organise a welcome party. They would need a leader and a set of tasks to arrange. Who does what/ when/ where? (The teacher could give some hints as to what to consider. For instance, venue, time, dress code, games and activities, food and drinks, decoration, music). At the end of the activity, discuss how easy or difficult it was to keep everyone involved and on task. How does it feel to work in a team? What would have happened if they had to plan everything on their own?