Yu Jun wants to study but tradition dictates she can't because she's a girl, so she dresses as a boy and goes to school. There she meets Liang and falls in love. Liang visits her and realises she is a boy. They fall in love and he asks her father for her hand in marriage. Her father refuses and Liang, realising he cannot have Yu Jun, becomes ill and dies. Yu Jun is determined to be with her only love - what will she do to be with him again?

First broadcast:
17 March 2009

Pupils could watch the clip and be given a cut-up summary of the story in English to sequence correctly. They could be given some of the key words for the story mixed with others and be asked to categorise the key words for instance into positive or negatives or actions or feelings. Pupils could draw butterflies and turn them into calligrammes, filled with all the French words they have learnt linked with love. They could prepare a script and mime and act out their favourite scene in the story, or design a comic strip to summarise the story with the support of a provided list of key words.