Barnaby Bear and Becky go on a ramble; what will they find? Becky explains what a ramble is and what they might see in the countryside. Barnaby thinks everything he sees means there are fairies in the woods.

This clip is from:
Barnaby Bear, Fairy Footprints
First broadcast:
3 July 2007

Can children name things they may see in a wood? Explore the children's concepts of wild and farm animals and pets in the home. Go on a listening walk in different environments and tape sounds to replay in class. Develop a possible environment for fairies (what would they need?). Use role-play and dressing up to encourage imagination. Children could write a 'Day in the Life of...' diary entry from Barnaby Bear detailing all he has learnt from his ramble in the woods. The children could also listen to the clip and try to identify the rhyming words within the song.