Poet Liz Niven reads an excerpt from her poem ‘Let’s Hear Whit the Dragon’s Goat Tae Say’ to children attending Scots Scuil. She encourages the children to write their own poems and discusses how they find it difficult to write in Scots. They mix English and Scots in the poem and add more Scots words when redrafting the poem. The children then write riddle poems. Liz Niven encourages them not to feel that every word must be different from English. They choose a poem to read at a performance and redraft it.

This clip is from:
Scots Scuil
First broadcast:
24 January 2012

In the classroom this clip could be used a model for how to write your own Scots poetry about your town. It could also be used to look at riddles, writing your own riddles or 'what am I poem' based on the characteristics of animals. It may also be used to look at how poets improve or re-draft their work.