The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was a merchant born in the city of Mecca. Muhammad was respected as he was a wise and fair businessman. Tradition says Muhammad escaped the busy city during the month of Ramadan and went to the mountains by himself to think. Muslims believe Allah chose Muhammad to be his Prophet because he was a fair and wise man and because he was concerned for the people.

First broadcast:
16 January 2004

This clip could be used to introduce Muhammad (pbuh) and identify traits that demonstrate being wise and fair. Explore and discuss what actions make someone be seen as wise and fair. Give the children lots of personality traits such as greedy, kind, thoughtful, caring, selfish, considerate and angry and ask them to identify words that describe Muhammad. Once these words have been identified, discuss how these traits show that he was a wise and fair person. The children should share experiences when their friends have shown these traits such as "Charlotte was thoughtful because she came to sit with me when she noticed that I was alone".