Breabach band-member James Duncan Mackenzie introduces the March-Strathspey-Reel set, highlighting the differences between the traditional tunes. The band then performs the set live in the studio with fiddle player Megan Henderson providing step-dance accompaniment. Breabach take a contemporary approach to the music but always retain the traditional elements of each tune. The first section is ‘John MacColl’s March to Kilbowie Cottage’ which is followed by the strathspey ‘Maggie Cameron’ - and finally a reel called ‘Lochiels Away to France.’ Features the following concepts- march, fiddle, bagpipes, flute, simple time, Scottish dance band, strathspey, dotted rhythm, scotch snap, reel, faster, grace note, leap/leaping, AB.

This clip could be used when studying the music of Scotland, to identify the differences between the dances. Following the clip learners could go on to compose or improvise their own ‘Scottish’ influenced melody, using devices such as drone bass, pentatonic melody, grace notes and scotch snap rhythms. Learners could also perform a march, strathspey or reel.