At the end of October, we join Danyal and Buki picking olives and learning how to use rakes and nets. Once gathered into crates, the olives are taken to the mill where the careful pressing process is explained. The children enjoy tasting the oil that emerges. Presented in Italian with Italian graphics and English narration.

This clip is from:
Being Italian
First broadcast:
8 February 2010

This clip could be used to teach children about the origins of food and food production. Before watching the clip, the children can be divided into groups and given pictures of all of the items required in the production of olive oil, then asked to discuss how these items are used and what the possible sequence of the process could be, before watching the clip to observe the process in action.

The children could discuss the notion of typical and/ or national foods from Italy, comparing them to those from other countries. This topic can be linked to more general lessons on health and nutrition.

Could also be used as a starting point for learning about vocabulary that is relevant to food, where children are encouraged to use a range of expressions to describe, such as ‘delizioso’, ‘è buono’, ‘mi piace’, ‘che gustoso’.