How we can avoid the repetition of nouns in our answers to questions that involve an indirect object. When a question involves the use of an indirect object, in other words, if the question includes referring “to” someone or something, we can avoid repeating that indirect object, if we replace it with an indirect pronoun. Although several of these pronouns are identical to direct object pronouns, the pronouns for “to him”, “to her” and “to them” are different. However, like the direct object pronouns, they are placed in front of the verb.

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A class could work with a series of pets and foods. These could be a series of cards with names such as Charlie le chien/ Chevalier le cheval and foods such as le poisson, les pommes, le jambon. Working in pairs, one pupil could ask “Tu donnes quoi à Charlie le chien?” The partner would say what food he/she will give, using the correct indirect object pronoun plus a chosen food. “Je lui donne le jambon.”