The artist Jolomo, or John Lowry Morrison, explains how Scots words are often ideal to use when he is trying to explain the ideas behind his Expressive Art. Jolomo contrasts the soft words he uses to describe the coasts and countryside with the more guttural words he associates with his black and white childhood in industrial Glasgow.

This clip is from:
Blethering Scots, 2
First broadcast:
24 January 2012

Before watching the clip, students could discuss possible meanings for the words 'bumfle’ and 'cludgie’. Students could explore how Scots language triggers childhood memories and then choose and write about two examples of Scots words that were significant to them when they were younger.
Additionally, encourage students to look at Jolomo's art and critique it using Scots words. Teachers could also design a lesson looking at onomatopoiea and link this to ideas about landscapes of Scotland. Look at black and white pictures of industrial cities and try to describe them using Scots.