Extract from drama 'Choices' in which a young Asian boy is the victim of a violent racist attack. Here, Tony - one of the white gang who carried out the attack - is going out with Charmaine, a college friend of Denton and Ashok. When the attack is reported on the news, Charmaine realises Tony's involvement and hides his bloodstained shirt - evidence of his guilt. Meanwhile, a revenge attack is being planned, led by Lee and Suresh, Ashok's brother. Denton wants no part in it despite his feeling of guilt about leaving Ashok alone.

This clip is from:
Scene, Choices
First broadcast:
21 March 1997

This clip could be used as part of an empathy activity. The attack has stirred strong emotions in the group of friends, including Charmaine, who is involved with one of the perpetrators. Students could see the situation from various viewpoints and explain the differing reactions of Denton, Charmaine and Lee. This could be followed by a 'What would you do?' question before moving on to the next clip 'Choices' - drama (pt 3/4).