We meet two children who set up a 'Kinderkiosk' in the local playground to earn some money. They plan the prices and set up the stall, then sell the items to other children. We hear frequent use of numbers, backed up with on-screen graphics, and hear words for snacks which are often the same as the English. Commentary in German and English.

This clip is from:
Being German
First broadcast:
13 March 2009

Can be used for a role play activity in German: one group of children is selling sweets, the other group is buying sweets. First practise the phrases: 'Ich möchte ... ' and 'das kostet …'.
Look at German higher numbers and how they are constructed differently to English higher numbers, eg three-and-twenty, not twenty three. Maybe sing the song 'Sing a Song of Sixpence' which includes the line 'four-and-twenty blackbirds' explaining that the inverted word order was once inherent in the English language.
Could also be used for discussing what children might want to save money for and introducing the words in German.