Steve Backshall climbs Snowdon in North Wales. He emphasises the importance of respecting the environment and explains how temperature changes as you climb. He records height and temperature at regular intervals with an altimeter. Weather can change suddenly so it is important to take the right survival equipment. Nothing about a mountain is static. Even views change over time as forces act on mountains to shape and form them.

First broadcast:
8 November 2007

Prior to watching the clip, ask the pupils to make a list of all the equipment they might need if they were undertaking a spring mountain expedition. Present them with a fictional weather forecast for the Snowdonia area, which should be dry and relatively mild, and a modest sized rucksack to limit their choices. Ask the pupils to share their lists with the rest of the class, justifying their selections. Observe whether they have an understanding that the weather conditions might change as they ascend the mountain. The clip allows pupils to compare their list with that of the climber and also gives them visual evidence of the changing temperatures, weather and underfoot conditions throughout the journey. The children should be given time to review their lists and make amendments in light of the clip, before presenting a final checklist for their expedition kit.