Science presenter Rani Price meets two brothers who are Michelin-starred chefs and use a scientific approach to develop new recipes. The brothers describe their science education and reflect that they would have benefited from studying science to a higher level. Using liquid nitrogen to freeze things very quickly allows them to make sorbets which have very small crystals and a smoother texture. The brothers impress Rani with their chocolate mushroom fudge.

First broadcast:
21 February 2013

Students could carry out two different practical exercises based on food science. In the first exercise, onions could be fried at two different temperatures. Students could then carry out a blind tasting in which they note differences.
In the second exercise, students could investigate flavour combinations. The class could research flavour pairings that are based on shared flavour molecules. They could then come up with new combinations of their own. For example, mango and basil go together, as do basil and mozzarella. How well do mango and mozzarella combine?