Formula 1 teams must redesign their cars every season to meet the latest regulations. The Chief Design Engineer at Williams, Ed Wood, describes the changes to the design of a Formula 1 car for the 2009 season, including changes to the aerodynamics and the introduction of KERS. KERS – Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems – is an innovative system in which the energy of braking can be stored then used to provide a power boost when needed. When developed it could be used in everyday machinery, such as lifts or trains. Transmission Engineer Anja Flossbach explains how quickly her designs are applied to a car and the excitement of working at Formula 1.

First broadcast:
11 June 2009

Could be used as an example of engineering innovation and the applications of new technology. The clip could start a discussion on chemical and mechanical methods of energy storage, or materials and component reliability. It could also contribute to discussions on raising finance, and highlight the wide variety of career paths open to engineering students.