Farmer Jimmy Doherty recreates how breakfast cereal factories go about making cornflakes from maize (corn) using tools he has in his barn. He demonstrates how the nutritious germ and bran are removed from the corn kernel, how the starch grit is cooked, dried, flattened and toasted, and finally how nutrients and flavourings are added back into the finished cornflake.

This clip is from:
Jimmy's Food Factory
First broadcast:
19 April 2010

This clip could be used to generate discussion on food processing and what happens to our food within food factories. Students could be asked to consider how technology allows us to change raw ingredients.
This could also be used to look at healthy eating. Students could undertake research into the nutritional content of cornflakes and its part in producing a balanced diet. Students could compare and contrast cornflakes' nutritional value to other breakfast cereals, and breakfast foods (e.g. sausage, fruit, and fried egg) and construct bar graphs to illustrate which is most and least healthy in terms of sugar, salt and calorie content.