Millie introduces the Old Hall Community in Suffolk, with its farm and eco-conscious way of life. She and her mum and sister help out feeding the cows, making bread and cheese and preparing shared meals. Old Hall is a converted stately home and we get a guided tour. Millie's mum and dad are divorced. When Millie stays with her dad in a 'normal house', she goes to a Quaker School, which has similarities and differences to Old Hall. She thinks that exploring different ways of living shapes the kind of person you are.

First broadcast:
1 March 2010

Working in small groups, the children could share what kind of family group they live in. Inviting contributions from the groups you could reflect as a class on the different types of family groupings and consider the two types of family that Millie, from the clip, lives in. You could ask whether the size of a family matters. Does everyone in a family have to be related? What makes a family? Back in groups the children could discuss how they would feel living in a communal household of families. How might their life be different, for better and worse? Taking feedback from the groups you could ask the class how Millie and her sister protect their own space. Why is personal space important? How do we have personal space at home and give others space? The children could consider why being part of a community is important and prepare a presentation or poster.