A TV chef-inspired character, Word Chef, explains how to write a response to a question on an extract of literary fiction. He explores the question - How does Bram Stoker build gothic tension in the book Dracula? He compares a plan to a menu and explains how a starter (introduction) main course (evidence and response) and dessert (conclusion) are necessary to respond to the question fully. He uses the kitchen set as though really cooking, mixing up bowls of ideas and quotes and tipping them out onto baking trays where they are animated to move into a sequence when he adds a ‘garnish’. He explains how the main body of the response needs a series of points and suggests writing a paragraph on each point. For this question he refers to a point on each of character, setting and structure. He emphasises that each point needs evidence and analysis.

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Useful as either an introduction to writing a response to a fiction extract or as a revision activity. Having explored a text extract and considered a question on it, watch the clip for tips on how to plan the extended written response. Prepare menu sheets in advance with ‘starter’, ‘main course’ and ‘dessert’ sections for students to fill in as a planning pro forma. Ask pairs to swap menus and peer assess the quality of the planning.