Professor Allegro introduces jazz rhythm and pulse, including a jazz song to learn. Schoolchildren click out a steady pulse then add a word rhythm. Lyrics and music for the jazz song 'Slick City Spats' are introduced. Viewers can listen to, and repeat back, the vocals.

This clip is from:
Music Makers, In the City
First broadcast:
27 February 1998

This clip could be paused after the children have created their jazz pulse and rhythm, and students could be encouraged to replicate this. They could then learn the ‘Slick City Spats’ song. This could be performed to other classes or parents, and accompanied by percussion instruments.

Students could also use the method shown in this clip to create their own jazz pulse and rhythm. Organise students into pairs or small groups. Half of the group could set the pulse using clapping, stamping or a musical instrument, and the other half could create a rhythm. Students could then create lyrics to accompany their jazz pulse and rhythm. Ask students to consider where jazz music was created, and try to create a song about the city and its people.