Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and is located on the east coast. It has some important and beautiful buildings, lots of shops and many museums and galleries. Barnaby Bear visits Edinburgh Castle, built on a big rock. A foot soldier from the time of Robert the Bruce helps to show Barnaby around. Barnaby learns about the different levels or wards of the castle and their defences. These include the portcullis, turns in the staircases and the cannons. Following tradition, the cannons are fired each day at one o'clock.

First broadcast:
13 March 2007

Prior to the lesson, the children could locate Edinburgh on a map of the UK and could find the castle on a map of Edinburgh. This clip is useful for a discussion about how castles kept people safe. The children could create simple fact files about the techniques the castle used to keep its occupants safe and they could make their own model castles using these techniques. This could link to Literacy in which children could write their own version of the story where the soldiers dressed as merchants manage to take over the castle and they could turn it into a short play.