Top England international player Sasha Corbin encourages girls to participate in Netball. BBC Presenter Jess Creighton meets the England and 'Loughborough Lightening' player at an England training camp, based at Loughborough University, in Leicestershire. Jess learns that Sasha wants girls of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to get involved in Netball, which is a sport some pupils may not have considered playing before, especially if it isn’t played in their own school. Sasha talks about her own career highlights and what originally drew her to the sport, after she first began competing as a junior gymnast. Sasha also explains what the sport of Netball has done for her in terms of life skills, fitness, organisation, team work, making friends and giving her a sense of purpose. We next see Sasha take a 'High 5' coaching session for beginners based at her old primary school in Tottenham. Sasha demonstrates some passing skills in netball and engages the girls to work as a team and to practice their shooting. Sasha also undertakes a Q and A to discuss the best route to netball success.

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Sasha didn’t start netball until secondary school so students could discuss the fact it’s never too late to try something new? What is it that they would love to try if they had the chance? Sasha talks about life skills that she needed to compete in netball. In pairs, students could make a list of all the different life skills you would need? How are these skills transferable to what we do every day? In groups, students could brainstorm all the factors that you need if you want to do well in sport, what characteristics are needed?