Iambic pentameter is briefly discussed and a definition is provided. How to use iambic pentameter is demonstrated to a group of students who then practise how to use it by reading out their birthdays.

First broadcast:
4 June 2010

Sit in a circle and ask students to tell you one fact about themselves using iambic pentameter, for example, "I have two cats, they want feeding all the time". In pairs, come up with a four line argument between two people who dislike each other, using iambic pentameter, using two lines each. Ask them to demonstrate. Add some movement that follows the rhythm and adds tension, for example, circling, pacing, taping, pointing and so on. Choose a short section from 'Romeo and Juliet' that uses iambic pentameter and ask students to use rhythm and movement to create the same tension. Ask them to perform these sections, analysing the impact of the iambic pentameter.