China’s vast supply of cheap labour and strength of foreign investment has meant the country has become known as the ‘workshop of the world’.

Clothing manufacture is one of the nation’s biggest earners and China has come a long way since Chairman Mao’s blue tunic suit, producing high quality items for markets across the world

Employment in a factory is highly sort after for rural populations, who can earn many times more on the factory floor than working the fields.

This clip is from:
Real Chinese, Education and Jobs
First broadcast:
4 November 2010

Could be used to start a discussion on ‘China is the factory of the world'. Ask students to list a few things in their life which are made in China.
Then lead a discussion about what other impacts China now has on the world, such as cultural and economical.
Pupils could be introduced to the Chinese philosophy of Confucianism. Ask the students to find out the main theories expounded by Confucius.