Rhys is cooking a roast dinner and asks Chef, his cooking app, for help in its preparation. When Rhys mentions peas as part of the recipe, his science app, Alfred, interrupts and downloads an experiment on germinating peas. Alfred then proceeds to describe the process of aerobic respiration with the equation. He continues by introducing the investigation into germinating peas. Two experiments are carried out, one of which is known as a control. Peas are disinfected, half of which are then boiled, before inserting equal masses into two vacuum flasks. The temperature inside the flasks is recorded throughout the experiment. One flask records a temperature increase as the peas respire, however the other does not because boiling the peas denatured enzymes, preventing respiration.

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Show energy drink and glucose tablets and ask what they are used for. Lead in to discussion on the uses of energy in animals and plants. Explain all the reactions involved are controlled by enzymes. Ask pupils what they think respiration is. Some will incorrectly state that it’s breathing, this should be corrected! Demonstrate to pupils what breathing is. Ask them all to breathe in and out. Is this the same as respiration? Introduce the first part of the video up to the respiration equation. Now ask them again if they consider respiration and breathing to be the same. Ask the class how do they think they could demonstrate respiration? The apparatus in the experiment in the video could be presented to the pupils to see if they could plan the experiment. Different levels of information could be given in order to differentiate. Numeracy: give pupils temperature data from the experiment and ask them to plot temperature change over a seven-day period for each flask. Ask them to analyse and explain scientifically why the temperature rises in one flask but not the other. Literacy: Once pupils have observed the video, ask them to write out the experimental method. Extend pupils by asking them to write scientifically in the past tense. Extension: Where does aerobic respiration occur? Show electron microscope images of mitochondria in a cell. Compare the number of mitochondria in muscle and skin cells. Why are there so many in muscle cells? What other cells will have a lot of mitochondria?