Clara lives with her stepmother and stepsister who treat her terribly. She cooks and cleans all day with little thanks. One day she drops something down the well and her stepmother throws her down the well to retrieve it. Instead she meets Frau Holle who invites her to stay in her house. When it's time to leave, Frau Holle gives her a fabulous golden dress. When the stepmother sees this, she decides to send her other daughter, Agnes, to see Frau Holle. Will she also get a golden dress for her efforts?

This clip is from:
French - Frau Holle
First broadcast:
23 March 2009

Before watching the clip, pupils could read the story of Cinderella and identify the characters' main personality traits. After watching the clip, pupils could compare the characters' personalities. Pupils could practise acting out some key scenes from the story using a simplified script in French. Pupils could turn the tale into a comic strip illustrating the main parts of the story. Pupils could revise weather phrases and the seasons in French and write a short story in English explaining poetically the origin of rain, wind and frost.