Lord Sugar has set the candidates the task of designing and creating a brand new beach accessory. The first team pitch their idea for ‘Cuuli’, a beach towel with built-in pillow/drinks cooler/container, while the second team pitch ‘Book-eeze’, a book stand for beachgoers. The candidates then join Lord Sugar in the boardroom for the results.

This clip is from:
The Apprentice, Beach Accessory
First broadcast:
13 October 2010

Explore effective presentation, persuasion and responding to questioning through this clip where these things are not always done very well. Pause the clip before the boardroom feedback and ask students to comment on the performance of the teams, and to suggest three things they could have done better. Resume the clip. Put students into groups and give each a product to pitch and ask them to prepare a presentation that is an improvement on what they have seen in the clip.
The clip could also be used when exploring different types of formal talk. Ask students to think about the sort of talk adults might have to use in a work situation. Collect suggestions then watch the clip prompting students to notice when the type of talk changes. After the clip discuss in small groups or as a whole class, identifying what skills and types of language are necessary to use in order to come across well.