The hare bumps into the tortoise and laughs at its slowness, so they have a race to see who is the fastest animal in the forest. However, the hare gets distracted on the way to the final flag - who will win?
This fable is also known as 'The Tortoise and the Hare'.

First broadcast:
23 April 2009

Could be used to introduce directions vocabulary. First show the whole clip and then concentrate on the scene where the rat explains the route to the tortoise and the hare. Work through the vocabulary, writing down the key words on the IWB. Then ask the children to write down the directions for the tortoise to make sure he wins the race.
Can be used to introduce the different tenses. Ask the children to listen out for 'ich werde gewinnen' and 'ich habe gewonnen' - what is the difference? Which sentence speaks about the past or the future? Which words indicate the past or future tense? Ask them to look for help in the English language by comparing the words with English words (eg. habe - have).