Extract from a dramatisation of Roald Dahl's book 'Boy: Tales from Childhood'. The young Roald Dahl is seen watching an older boy on a cycle, freewheeling down a hill. A voiceover in the role of Dahl articulates the fact that at that moment his only ambition was to be like the older boy on his bike- in long trousers, bravely and gracefully - and with arms folded - freewheeling down the hill.

First broadcast:
17 September 1991

Useful to model how ordinary events can be brought to life when writing personal recounts or autobiographies. Play the soundtrack without the visuals and ask the children to visualise and discuss the scene. Talk about the author's use of language and how sections such as ''scarlet school cap'' , ''as he flashed by'' and ''swift and brave and graceful" create a picture for the reader. Ask children to write their own recount using similar techniques.