Barnaby Bear visits the Orkney Islands off the north coast of Scotland. There are about 70 islands in the Orkneys but only 20 have people living on them. The largest island is Mainland and the capital of the Orkneys is Kirkwall. Papa Westray is a tiny island further north, which is affectionately known as 'Papay'. Barnaby travels in a small aeroplane to Papa Westray. From the plane, he can see a lighthouse and that few of the islands have trees because of the strong wind. The plane brings mail, packages and visitors to Papay. Barnaby visits Lianne and Mark who live with their mum and dad on one of just six remaining farms on the island.

First broadcast:
18 January 2008

Children could locate the Orkney Islands on a map. This clip is useful as a discussion aid - "Why are there not many trees? Why is a lighthouse useful? How does the post get delivered?" The children can discuss and find out what jobs there are to do on a farm such as shearing and milking. If a farm is nearby, then maybe a farm visit could be arranged. Orkney could be compared to your local area discussing how it is similar or different.