A rocket shape is drawn on paper, sectioned with a grid and mown into a grass lawn. The rocket shape is first sketched out and a box grid overlaid to break it down into sections. The shape is then mapped onto a grass lawn using string and stakes for accuracy before being cut using lawn mowers. Finally, when viewed from above the rocket shape, which is difficult to see from ground level, is revealed.

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This activity is useful in helping children to understand that a very large art design needs some foresight, an overview and sometimes specialist help to create. It also helps to explain how man-made elements of history such as chalk horses, ancient monuments and standing stones may have been created. Also relates to understanding scale and proportion. Children could create a mower picture by making a green chalk background with a white chalk pattern drawn over the top of it. Use the side of a coloured pencil, crayon or chalk to make a mower picture path on big paper. As a class, they could make multiple patterns that join together to form one large image like a jigsaw. They could also draw chalk patterns directly onto hard playground surfaces.