The rainy conditions in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, are ideal for growing grass for dairy farming. Cows don't just eat grass, their diet can also include straw and other feeds. Cows eat by chewing the cud. They swallow their food and bring it up again to chew some more and draw extra nutrients from it.

This clip is from:
See You See Me, Southern Uplands
First broadcast:
30 January 2009

Pupils may be encouraged to discuss the importance of dairy farming for different products. A range of dairy products may be brought in to discuss how they are made from cows. Pupils could draw pictures of cows, labelling what they need from the farms. If the opportunity arises, pupils may visit a local dairy farm or invite a farmer in to talk about how they look after cows. Pupils may also like to help to create posters promoting the importance of dairy products for strong teeth and bones. Children may also be encouraged to think about why some climates lend themselves to dairy farming while others may not.