Bryn and Rhys are on their way to a football game. Bryn is annoyed with the transport system. Alfred hears the word ‘transport’ and begins explaining transport system in plants. Alfred explains the importance of water for photosynthesis and that is it taken into the plant via the roots. Alfred explains that the water molecules then travel through the plant via the xylem, and that water molecules then evaporate through the stomata in the leaves. This evaporation in turn allows further water to be absorbed by the roots. Alfred explains that this is transpiration. Alfred also explains that the products of photosynthesis are transported via the phloem.

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The clip can be used to review prior knowledge and understanding of the topic of transport in plants. Students could view vessels of celery left to stand in food colouring with a hand lens and use a light microscope to look at prepared slides of the xylem and phloem to compare their structure. They could be encouraged to design experiments to compare the effect of different climatic conditions on the rate of transpiration by measuring the loss of mass in a leaf. The findings could be linked to the adaptations of different plants to survive in a variety of extreme climates.