Little Juan needs new things for school. His mother takes him shopping and buys goods costing 15p. She only has a 20p piece, so what should she do? El Nombre explains that when the amount you give to pay is greater than the amount you owe, you need to be given change. He also explains that one 5p piece is worth the same as five 1p pieces.

This clip is from:
Numbertime, Change from 20p
First broadcast:
30 October 2000

This clip can be used to assist pupils in counting upwards to calculate the correct amount of change to be given. Pupils can watch the clip and then be shown the counting upwards method via a real or virtual hand. They can then be given a toy 20p piece. Various items could be placed around the classroom with prices on them lower than 20p. Pupils could have a clipboard and pre-made chart with the name of each product on it plus a blank space for how much change they would get for each one. They would then have to go around the room, find out the price and then work out how much they would get back for their 20p, writing it down as they do.