The majority of families in cities in China live in high-rise apartment blocks. There are usually communal gardens, play areas for children and leisure equipment for the retired and elderly. Children can make friends in the communal area. The children are usually looked after by their grandparents while their parents are busy with their work. The apartment blocks are usually close to supermarkets and shopping centres.

This clip is from:
Being Chinese
First broadcast:
17 March 2009

Use this clip to show where Chinese children live and what family means to them. Introduce the phrase in Mandarin ‘I live in….’ before playing the clip then as the clip is playing pause and ask the students to complete this sentence for each of the children in the clip. Students can then complete this sentence for themselves as they present a picture of their house. Students could also learn the words for different rooms in Mandarin, like 'bedroom', 'kitchen' and 'living room'. They could draw a picture of their house, labelling the rooms and secretly draw themselves in one of these rooms. Students can then work with a partner to guess where they are hiding in their drawing my saying 'Are you in the kitchen?'.
Students could explore the vocabulary for different kinds of shops and could match each item the girl in the clip bought to the shop she bought it from.