An introduction to some popular Spanish foods. Jason and his sister Lara take us to a Spanish café to sample 'chocolate con churros' and to a market to select fresh fish. They then help a chef cook up some tortillas in the kitchen. The recipe is given in English and Spanish.

This clip is from:
Spanish Shorts
First broadcast:
23 February 2007

The class could be given a list of the foods mentioned in the clip and be asked to tick them off as they hear them. They could also make a note of whether the foods were liked or disliked, and write down ways of expressing opinions.
Students could be provided with some of the key vocabulary related to cooking, such as ‘pelarse’, ‘cortarse’, ‘echar’, ‘friarse’, ‘cascar’, ‘batir’, ‘mezclar’, ‘dar una vuelta’, and use this to translate a simple recipe from English into Spanish, or vice versa.