The Chuckle Brothers use division with remainders to work out how many tables of 10 are needed to seat 85 guests at a wedding reception.

First broadcast:
13 September 2007

Children could be asked to imagine that their tables each hold six people, and they could then sort themselves into groups of six and stand in a circle as if around a table. If there are children left over (the remainders), explain that they would need a table, so the remainders would need to be rounded up to require another table. The activity could be repeated asking children to organise themselves into groups of seven or eight as appropriate.

Children could be given up to 50 counters. They could be told that these are sweets that need to be sorted into bags of a given number below ten. Children could then sort the counters into groups of the given number. They could be taught that the total number of bags needs to be full bags only so any remainders could not be included. The activity could be repeated with a different specified number of sweets in a bag.