Extract from 'That's Not Me', a drama in which a young couple, Kevin and Julie, become addicted to heroin. Julie explains why she cannot stop taking heroin, and Kevin's mum explains how she feels now Kevin is free of the drug. Kevin is now back at work, but he explains how much he worries about Julie, especially as he got her started on heroin. Some facts about heroin abuse are given at the end.

Warning : This clip contains scenes of drug use.

First broadcast:
22 June 2007

This clip shows the devastation that taking heroin can cause to individuals, but does not provide many facts about drug use itself. Therefore, after watching the clip an investigation could ensue, entitled 'Why is heroin so addictive and dangerous?' Different groups within the class could research different parts of the topic. For example, why heroin is addictive, what its effects are, how drug addiction is treated, and background information on the drug. After researching in groups, the pupils could then feed back their findings so that the whole class is aware of the dangers of heroin use. This is the sixth of six clips from the series 'That's Not Me'.