A montage of clips on the theme of healthy living. It includes images of a gym, food labelling, fruit and vegetables, food in a supermarket, smoking, climbing, circuit training, a baby eating, a disabled trainer and roller hockey. There is no narration on this clip.

This clip is from:
Science Clips, Keeping Healthy
First broadcast:
28 April 2009

This clip has no narration so you could invite the children to use the images to create an advertisement for healthy living - but with a twist. Perhaps put together four groups and ask two of them to write a comment that promotes healthy living, eg working out and eating healthily. Ask the other two groups to write a comment that promotes an unhealthy lifestyle (making sure the children understand it's not meant to be serious). Show the clip again and invite each group to read out the narration. Finish off with a discussion about a healthy lifestyle and why it is important for us and the people around us.