Extracts from the Shakespeare Animated Tales featuring 'Romeo and Juliet' Act 3. Tybalt kills Mercutio and in revenge Romeo kills Tybalt, Juliet's cousin. The Friar tells Romeo he has been exiled.

This clip can be used to explore the key themes of fate and fortune in Romeo and Juliet. Students can be assigned a research task using print and web resources to compile a summary or mind-map of Elizabethan and Shakespeare's own beliefs about these two concepts. Using the quotes from the clip related to these themes, students can then annotate the quotes in light of their new learning and make conclusions about the play's commentary on these themes.
Can be used to explore Mercutio's dying words, "A plague a' both your houses!". In groups, students perform a role-play of a news programme studio interview. Some citizens of Verona are invited in to be interviewed by the presenter on who is responsible for the tragic events which are unfolding at this stage in the play and what could be done to change the direction of these events.