Joshua and Reilly are the best of friends. When Joshua moves to America with his family, Reilly explains that even though Joshua has made new friends in America, they are still best friends. Reilly shows us the different forms of communication they use to keep in touch such as emails and letters.

First broadcast:
25 May 2007

Could be used as a starting point for discussion on friendship. Children could make recipes for the attributes of a good friend. Could be used to support children who perhaps have family members serving far away, and identify ways that modern technology helps us to keep in touch. Children could reflect on themselves as friends, creating top tips for being a good friend. Could be used to promote discussion about how relationships change and enable the children to list ways of keeping in touch with important family members after perhaps a family split or when friends move away. Could be used to start a topic on relationships or feelings, providing a talk stimulus or to promote discussions helping children come to terms with personal loss of a close friend or family member.