Anna fell out with her friends after drunkenly kissing her best friend’s ex-boyfriend at a party. She shares how an evening of drinking alcohol led to a series of events that have significantly changed her attitude to drinking.

The effect of alcohol on the body is explored through scientific analysis and highlights how behaviour can change dramatically when drunk. This is shown through interviews, reconstructions and scientific graphics.

This clip is from:
Just a Few Drinks
First broadcast:
20 February 2013

This clip contains many facts about the way that alcohol affects the body and pupils could take notes on these as they watch the clip. This could then, in turn, lead to pupils creating fact sheets about the effects of alcohol on the body or presentations that they can present to younger children in the school. Pupils could even use this model to create their own clips on the negative effects of alcohol by interviewing older pupils in the school and encouraging them to share their own experiences on film.