A director visits the ruins at Coventry Cathedral with actors playing Romeo, Juliet and Friar Lawrence to practise Act 2 Scene 6 where the friar agrees to marry the couple. They rehearse using modern wedding vows to help them relate to the characters and their situation. The director focuses on Friar Lawrence's reaction to meeting Juliet and how he feels about them getting married.

First broadcast:
11 June 2010

Look at the scene and discuss with the students how they think Friar Lawrence feels. What different interpretations are there? In threes, play the scene out and perform them, with the class choosing the one that feels the most true for them. Discuss the setting. How can we make it feel like a church? Discuss atmosphere, imagery and setting. Take the students into a different area, such as a corridor, store room, or lobby. How does a change of place affect the scene? How can we use this as actors or set designers? Return to the main space and ask students to use what they have learnt from this to improve their scenes.