Tom, a young, German blogger explains that his best friend Nikita has a birthday coming up and is unsure what to get him and it will have to be under 20 euros. Using modal verbs, he explains that he previously studied for a year in the US and when he left his friends gave him a funny gift. He explains he’s previously received a ukulele as a gift, as well as a porcelain figure. He explains that his friend is lactose intolerant so cant bake him a pie, he’s allergic to animals so can’t buy him a pet and he doesn’t like to read. Finally, he decides to buy him a map for their trip to Berlin in the Summer.

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This could be used to introduce pupils to modal verbs. A useful discussion before viewing could focus on the use of modal verbs as “helping” verbs to express the concepts of ability, permission, possibility and obligation. Can pupils identify these verbs in English first? Pupils could also be asked to find the patterns of modal verb and infinitive throughout the clip.